This may be your first quilt or just the first quilt you’ve had machine quilted. Maybe you’ve been at it for years. Either way, you may have some questions. Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions

What if my quilt has fullness and wrinkles? Will that quilt out?

Wrinkles and fullness pieced into a quilt will not “quilt-out”. I will do my best to blend them as much as possible. Often times, choosing the right quilting pattern helps with this problem. If you want to disguise fullness, choosing an overall meandering on the quilt will allow the fullness to be distributed between the quilting since this pattern has no quilting lines that cross.

I have a pieced backing, can you work with that?

A quick and simple YES is the answer to that. There is no problem working with a pieced backing as long as it is trimmed even and straight on all edges. Be sure you cut the selvages off the seam allowances that are going to be inside the quilt because they can lead to a backing pulled unevenly and puckers may form during the quilting process. Leaving the selvages on the outer edges helps make a stable edge to pin to the leaders. These will be trimmed off later when preparing for the binding process.

Do you provide binding services?

Another yes! I will do a straight grain binding with mitered borders. Finishing can be by hand or machine. I can also simply attach the binding and you can hand finish it yourself. Please purchase 1 yard of fabric to make the binding. Any leftover fabric will be returned with your finished quilt. Bias cut and scalloped edge binding will carry an additional charge.

Can you do rush jobs?

I tend to have the best turn around times in my market. I’ll do my best to accommodate special needs within those parameters so please contact me.

What do I need to do before I bring or send my quilt top?

You can check the PREPARATION TIPS link on the top of this page for helpful hints on preparing your quilt. The more careful you are in preparing your top, the better the end result.

Do you supply batting?

You may purchase my batting or provide your own (subject to approval). I have several options available for your batting needs. I currently carry Warm & Natural, Hobbs 80/20 and Quilters Dream Poly. If you would like another brand/type of batting, just ask! I have several distributors that I can order from in order to provide you with the perfect size and kind of batting for your quilt. For shipping considerations, it may be more practical for you to purchase batting for your project from me.

How much batting do I need?

Please include batting that is the same size as your backing.

What size does my backing have to be?

Your backing should be at least 4” larger on each side for a total of 8 inches wider and 8 inches longer.

Do I need to supply thread?

You do not need to provide your own thread. I have a variety of threads and colors to choose from to accommodate your quilt. I have color cards on hand to be sure that you can find the perfect thread color for your work of art.

Do I have to give you a design?

I can follow your design instructions, create one of my own, or use stencils. Many of my customers leave it up to me to decide what design will compliment their quilt.

How much is it going to cost?

This may be the most frequently asked question by far! There are many factors involved, most importantly the size – machine quilting is priced by the square inch. I have a minimum charge of $40 for any project. From there we work on stitch density and intricacy of work involved. Let me know what your budget and quilting tastes are so that we can work together to fit the needs of you and your quilt.

How do I pay?

All quilt orders must be paid in full before delivery to client. If you choose to mail your quilt and/or require return shipping, orders must be pre-paid in full before work will begin on your quilt. I accept cash, check or money order as well as most major credit cards. You may make checks payable to “Sew Addicted Quilting”

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