I specialize in custom hand-guided quilting and am skilled in many design techniques.  I work in a clean smoke free environment.   I can offer you a choice of hundreds of stencils, patterns, and freehand designs to add character and dimension to your quilt.

Large Overall Meandering: Standard stipple/puzzle look. Available in large, medium and small sizes

Freehand Overall Design: This is a freehand quilting design over the entire quilt, including the borders. Examples include leaves, stars, hearts, swirls, loops, etc.

Custom Quilting: This is the category of most quilts. It includes separate quilting designs in each border, a design in empty blocks and freehand quilting. Some outlining may be included.

Custom Heirloom Quilting: This is a more intensive quilting with a lot of stitch in the ditch, stencils or patterns. It also includes more complicated designs and crosshatching. This style of quilting is a beautiful enhancement to any quilt.

Trapunto: To be determined after viewing quilt top.
Trapunto is the art of using a high loft batting, stitching around the design to be highlighted. The top is then removed from the quilting machine and the excess batting is very carefully cut away. The quilt is then remounted with the backing and the batting of choice and the quilting is finished with very small meandering. This makes the design really stand out.

Backing: I will seam your backing for $10.00 per seam.

Trimming: Trimming your quilt so it is ready to bind is a complementary service. Please notify me if you would prefer not to have your quilt trimmed. Leftover backing and batting will be returned to you.

Binding: I will do a straight grain binding with mitered borders. Finishing can be by hand or machine. I can also simply attach the binding and you can hand finish it yourself. Please purchase 1 yard of fabric to make the binding. Any leftover fabric will be returned with your finished quilt.  Bias cut and scalloped edge binding will carry an additional charge.

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